Nov 15, 2011


This is yet another necessary ingredient for cooking Latin foods.  It is what we call a dry-rub. It is easy to make and will also decrease the clutter in your spice cabinette, since it combines 8 of the most commonly used spices.  You can season just about anything with this; meats, fish, soups, beans, stews, etc.  Just mix and store in an airtight container to maintain freshness.  


I mentioned in "about me" that I am of Puerto Rican descent and have enjoyed exploring gluten free foods of many different spanish cultures.  I have to say that before my diagnosis I was very biased in terms of Puerto Rican food as it compares to other the South and Central American foods. To me no other culture compared to the flavors and aromas we ( and by we I mean Puerto Ricans) created in our kitchens. 

I can honestly say I was very mistaken!  However, I did learn what differentiates the cultures from each other, it's all in the Sofrito!! This is the basis for just about every dish we make.  It is the conbination of these fresh herbs and spices that will fill your home with intoxicating aromas.....Every culture has their own version of sofrito and there are many variations. I wanted to give you my abuelita's recipe. She is 91 years old and still leads the way in our family for the true traditional dishes.

However, she traditionally made it by sauteing achiote seeds in pork fat, but we have to modify the recipe for obvious reasons.  I also eliminated other ingredients like oregano and cumin seeds for versatility.  We no longer put the achiote in the sofrito instead we use it separately where needed except we cook it in a lighter oil.  This is what gives the latin dishes the criollo flavor.  This recipe can last for at least 2-3 weeks in the freezer and you can use it in everything......and I mean everything; soups, stews, beans, sauces, dips....anything!!!  I didn't add any fat because we are cooking lite many of the recipes will already have fat so I didn't want to add any additional points.

Along with the Adobo if you're not Latin no one would be able to tell from your cooking!   

Nov 6, 2011

Lite Pumpkin Flan

Just in time for Thanksgiving! One of my favorite desserts. It is a combination of a cheese cake and a pumpkin pie. I tried to lower the fat content by using fat free milks and decreasing the egg content. Flan and pumpkin are two of my favorite foods in the world so I thought, yumm what if I combined the two?  and viola here it is! hope you like it.  This recipe makes two 9" pans.  Let's face it this desert is not one that will  last and why not have an extra one you can share with family and friends.....this is a great and easy holiday gift made with lots of love.