About Me

     My name is Doreen. My daughter and I were diagnosed with Celiac in 2008.We have maintained a gluten free lifestyle but not without challenges.Living gluten free requires commitment and an incredible amount of discipline. It has brought about a creative side in me but It has also increased my dress size about 4 sizes. I have always had a big appetite but I never really gained weight. Once I was diagnosed and I eliminated the gluten, I gained over 15 pounds. I guess that was the result of my digestive system working more efficiently. However, it was also the results of always feeling deprived.  I began to create gluten free meals that were mouth watering but it wasn’t helping my weight. The more I cooked, the harder it was to stop eating. I became consumed with food. I decided to join weight watchers and started to lose the weight very slowly. I created this blog with the hopes of recreating all of my traditional favorites In healthier way.  So my goal is to create healthy, wholesome meals, without the wheat, without the gluten and without the GUILT!