Pickled Red Onions
Quick Sofrito
Spicy Cilantro Sauce
Full Sofrito Recipe

Gluten Free Lunch/Dinner ideas:
Baked Lemon Chicken Cutlets
Barbacoa Beef, pressure cooker
Beef Kebobs, Pinchos
Brown Stew Chicken
Butternut Squash Cauliflower with Chicken Sausage
Chicken Noodle Soup with Escarole
Cobb Salad on a Zucchini Boat
Creolle Shrimp with Garlic Mashed Plantains/Camarones Enchilado
Enchilada Sauce
Grilled Cod Fish Tacos
Oven Fried Cod Fish
Mexican Shrimp Coctel
Puerto Rican Picadillo
White Bean and Pumpkin Soup with Ham
Sauteed Cabbage
Tzatziki sauce
Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken
Waldorf Lettuce Wraps
Broiled Adobo Pork Chops
Salsa Verde
Shrimp, Mango and Roasted Corn Lettuce Cups
Shrimp Enchilada Tacos
Shrimp & Zoodles with Lemon Arugula Pesto
Salted Cod Fish Salad/Bacalao
Shephard's Pie with Cauliflower Mash
Sweet Potato Hash & Eggs
Gluten free Asian Turkey Lettuce wraps
Yuca Empanada

Gotta Have Rice Recipes:
Jamaican Rice
Jasmine Rice & Peas
Spanish Yellow Jasmine Rice

Gluten Free Salads: 
Shrimp and Avocado Watercress Salad

Gluten Free Deserts:
Chocolate Dairy Free Flan
Chocolate Moca Pots de Creme
Corn Muffins
Pumkin Flan
Pumpkin Muffins
Red Velvet Cake

Gluten Free Empanadas:

Pumpkin Spice Empanadas 
Yuca Empanadas 
Baked Buffalo Chicken Empanadas

Gluten Free Breakfast:

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Protein Pancakes 
Egg Muffins

Thanksgiving Favorites:
Cazuela Pie
Roasted Turkey/ Pavochon
Plantain & Chorizo Stuffing
Thanksgiving Chicken Stuffing
Natural Turkey Gravy