Apr 2, 2013

Sweet Corny Muffins, Gluten Free & Dairy Free

 These Corn Muffins will have you jumping up and down with happiness! They are gluten free and 
   dairy free. They are also delicious, buttery, moist and so corny!!! no pun intended. This was my 4th try in making corn muffins.  My feeling is, that if I can't make them taste like the corn muffins I remember having before I was gluten free, they are not worth posting. 

These Corn muffins are just as good as I remember them to be.  So I will give you a little background on my inspiration.  My husband is not gluten free and loves anything cake, especially muffins.  So every now and then he comes home with these amazing cakes/muffins.  I'm sure you'll are thinking, "that's so cruel" and I agree! lol but I just think some people just don't get how difficult it is to be gluten free.  I don't get upset.....anymore. In fact, I feel inspired. 

He came home one day with these amazing mini corn cakes.  The smell permeated my kitchen.  Every time I entered the kitchen, the smell of sweet corn would tantalize my senses.  Imagine how happy I was when they finally finished.  A day later there on my counter was a brand new box of sweet corn cakes.....&#%@?!  Are you kidding me!!  I went to sleep that night and I had a dream with, wait, are you ready for this?,  yes, you guessed it, CORN MUFFINS!!!  I woke up that morning and started baking.  These corn muffins are the result of my desire to eat real corn muffins and they so did it for me, I hope they do it for you too.