Mar 5, 2013

Oven Fried Cod Fish Creollo, Gluten Free

WEPA!!!! pronounced weh pah, is a term many Puertoricans use to express excitement. It can mean many things but it is basically our way of saying, WooHoo!, Yea Baby! or Wow! This low fat, gluten free, savory fish dish will be a winner on any day.  If you accidentally let out a "WEPA"  don't worry it's natural and expected.  I made this with a side of yellow jasmine rice. Yes I did.  I used jasmine rice and seasoned it with Latin flavors and the result was, well the best way to describe it is.....WEPA!!!! If you are wondering what "creollo" means, it literally means Creole cooking, which is the term used to describe Puerto Rican cuisine.